Soybean protein isolate is a high-protein low-calorie meal supplement. It is made from dehulled and defatted soybean meal by removing most of the fats and carbohydrates, the protein content is more than 90%. Therefore, Soybean protein isolate has a very neutral flavor compared to other soy products. Because most of the carbohydrates are removed, the intake of soy protein isolate does not cause flatulence. It is one of the very good natural food nutrition enhancers, mainly used in the foods industry, such as salad dressings, meat products, cheeses, desserts, infant formulas, bread, etc.

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The effects of soybean protein:

1. Soybean protein isolate powder can be applied to a broad range of foods and plant protein beverages where protein supplementation is required, such as dairy products, bakery products, yogurt, shakes, ice cream, bread, cake, noodles, nutritious rice noodles, ham, sausage, and meat products, etc;

2. Soybean protein isolate powder can be added into ham, Sausage, and other products, can optimize the nutritional structure, stability, and improve product nutritional value;

3. Soybean protein isolate powder is free of gluten, lactose, cholesterol, and anti-nutritional factors, ideal for those who are looking for vegetarian protein and may not want dairy-derived protein.