Psyllium Extract is a natural active ingredient extracted from the seeds of Plantagoasiatica L., a plant of the Plantago family. It contains a large amount of mucilage, aucubin, and contains psyllium acid, bile Chemicalbook alkali, adenine, and amber. Acid, resin, etc. It has the effects of promoting water and leaching, dispelling dampness and stopping diarrhea, clearing the liver and improving eyesight, and clearing the lungs and phlegm. It can be used for the treatment of dysuria, edema, drenching syndrome, diarrhea of heat and dampness, red eyes with liver heat, and cough with lung heat.

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The effects of psyllium extract

1、Psyllium extract is often used clinically to treat nephritis and edema, chronic nephritis, kidney stones, subluxation of the temporomandibular joint, and skin inflammation.
2、The chlorogenic acid of Psyllium extract can obviously promote intestinal peristalsis, gastric juice secretion, and choleretic effects. Can reduce serum high cholesterol. In addition, it has an antitussive effect.
3、Psyllium extract has a strong inhibitory effect on calcium oxalate crystal deposition in the kidneys, thus preventing the formation of kidney stones; it can increase the tracheal and bronchial secretion