Shiitake powder is extracted from the dried fruit bodies of Lentinus edodes (Berk.) Sing. It is a brown-yellow powder prepared by advanced spray drying technology. The main ingredients are lentinan, lentin glucan, etc. Shiitake mushrooms can enhance immunity, prevent colds, and prevent spondylitis. The substance lentinin can prevent the hardening of blood vessels and lower blood pressure. Shiitake mushrooms are also considered an ideal food to prevent acidic food poisoning.

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The efficacy of shiitake mushroom powder:

1 Immunomodulatory effect
Lentinan is a typical T cell activator, which can promote the production of interleukins and the function of mononuclear macrophages. It is considered a special immune enhancer.

2 Antiviral effect
In recent years, some scholars have discovered that sulfated lentinan has a negative charge, which can prevent the virus from binding to the host cell by means of receptor competition and inhibition. At the same time, it has many mimic ligands of cell surface molecules that can directly bind to the cell and hinder the virus. Adsorption, has antiviral activity.

3 Anti-infective effect
The antiviral effect of lentinan is related to its enhancement of NK cell activity. The surface of the polysaccharide molecule adheres to the surface of the pathogen, blocking the combination of the pathogen and the sugar molecule on the surface of normal cells, thereby blocking the path of infection.