Banaba leaf extract is a popular homeopathic medicine used for diabetes. It is said to be a highly powerful homeopathic medicine that can assist the body’s normal production of insulin and glucose while aiding in weight loss. However, research carried out by scientists at the University of Wisconsin shows that the efficacy of this type of diabetes medicine is actually dependent upon its ingredients. Extracts from Banaba Leaf have shown to be potent enough to reduce blood sugar levels more effectively than insulin alone.

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Banaba leaf extract is used as a natural health supplement

1.Banaba leaf extract can be used for balancing blood sugar.

2.Promoting weight loss is an important function of banaba leaf extract.

3.Corosolic acid of banaba leaf p.e can promoting healthy insulin levels.

4.Banaba leaf p.e can control appetite and food craving,especially carbohydrate cravings.