Lemon balm extract powder (Melissa) is commonly used in Europe as a tea, liquid extract, and topical preparation. It mainly contains flavonoids and rosmarinic acid, which can help digestion, reduce stress, calm down, relieve chronic bronchial mucositis, colds, fever, and headaches. Widely used in the medicine and health industry, food industry processing, condiment, and wine industry.

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What are the benefits of lemon balm leaf extract powder?

1. Effectively relieve anxiety

2. It has the effect of relieving the symptoms of depression.

3. Lemon balm leaf extract powder helps treat insomnia.

4. Prevent virus infection. Studies have shown that lemon balm leaf extract powder contains compounds such as eugenol, terpenes, and rosmarinic acid, which are chemicals that have the effect of killing bacteria. ,

5. It can be used as an antioxidant. The flavonoid content of balm leaf extract powder is very high, the antioxidant effect is great

6. Lemon balm leaf extract powder can prevent UV damage. Protect the skin.

7. Helps treat indigestion.