Astaxanthin is a kind of keto carotenoid, chemical name is 3,3′-dihydroxy-4,4′-diketo-β,β’-carotene, red solid powder, fat-soluble, insoluble Water, soluble in organic solvents. It is widely found in the biological world, especially in the feathers of aquatic animals such as shrimps, crabs, fish and birds, and plays a role in color development.In addition to obtaining astaxanthin by biological extraction, it can also be produced by chemical synthesis, or by algae, bacteria, yeast, etc. In addition, the application of DNA recombination technology to construct high-yield astaxanthin genetic engineering is also under study.

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What are the benefits of taking astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant, so it protects cells from oxidative damage. This means that astaxanthin can slow down the aging process of the skin and body. Scientific research has confirmed that other benefits of astaxanthin include:
1.Protect the brain, eyes, and nervous system
2.Promote the improvement of athletic ability
3.Improve eyesight
4.Reduce wrinkles
5.Increase strength
6.Relieve stress
7.Prevent the formation of cancer cells