Sodium copper chlorophyllin is a dark green powder, soluble in organic solvents but insoluble in water.  it can be found in a variety of food products including frozen beverages, processed nuts, and candy. Its main uses include food additives, cosmetics, drugs, and photoelectric conversion materials. Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin has a wide range of applications and is often called a green pigment. The product is also used in some personal care products.

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What are the applications of sodium copper chlorophyllin powder?

1. Sodium copper chlorophyllin is a natural food dye that is based on plant tissue. It is an excellent natural food colorant that can be used in dietary supplements and personal care products. Some research has shown that Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin can reduce odor in the urinary tract and in the digestive system.

2. Sodium copper chlorophyllin is a natural food colorant. It is derived from silkworm feces and is readily soluble in water. Its color is similar to that of natural green plants and is odorless. It has good stability and light resistance. Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin has low toxicity and is highly stable in solid foods. Unlike a blue-green pigment, Sodium CuCl2 is not carcinogenic, so it is safe to consume.