Kullcaproot is a root belonging to the same family as rhubarb and sorrel. It was used by the ancient tribes in Asia for curing severe skin diseases such as acne. These herbal medicines are very popular in the country of Pakistan and people in the modern era have started taking them for treating different types of ailments. The kullcaproot extract powder has been proven to be very effective in reducing pimples and acne in people suffering from hormonal imbalances, hereditary factors, puberty, pregnancy, and post-adolescent problems.

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Unlike the chemical preparations, the natural and holistic treatment of skullcap root is quite safe and effective. Many people from different countries all over the world use this herb for treating various types of disorders such as acne, internal inflammations, sore throats, and hemorrhoids. But, this herbal medicine has not been widely accepted by western doctors and researchers due to the absence of adequate testing and researches. To draw more information about the usefulness of the herb for the treatment of acne, scientists developed a new skullcap root extract powder that provides important ingredients in the preparation of this medicine.

There are various studies made on skullcap root that proved that the herb effectively reduces the swelling and inflammation in the pimple. It also plays a vital role in protecting the skin cells from getting damaged. To make the extract more effective, the manufacturers of this medicine include some other essential elements in the preparation such as Baicalin and Olgieri Scleroderma.