Vine tea extract dihydromycin, is a polyphenol. This compound is a type of flavonoid and is found in several different types of plants. Its anti-inflammatory, sterilizing, and detoxifying properties make it a useful food additive. Furthermore, its oxidizing property makes it a useful preservative and food additive. For these reasons, it is widely used for its ability to protect against the harmful effects of alcohol.

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What are the benefits of vine tea extract?

A number of scientific studies have suggested the therapeutic benefits of vine tea extract.

In a recent study, it was shown to have a potent inhibitory effect on the enzymes AST and ALT. Further, it inhibited the production of jaundice, and reduced the amount of total bilirubin in serum. In another, it restrained the development of liver fibrosis in rats. Interestingly, vine tea can also help individuals recover from alcohol consumption. The chemical constituents in this plant extract are primarily responsible for its wide range of medicinal uses.

What are the applications of vine tea extract?

1. Vine tea extract dihydromycin. It has several functions, including detoxification, sterilization, analgesia, and detumescence. As a result, it is widely used in the food industry as an anti-oxidant and preservative.

2. It can also regulate lipid and renal function. It is also a natural analgesic. This makes it an excellent supplement for many health conditions.