Wild chrysanthemum extract powder is the dried flower bud of chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat, which has good health care value and can be used both as food and as medicine according to Chinese regulation. Its medicinal value is familiar to people, and modern research indicates that the chrysanthemum contains the flavanone class, the choline, the amino acid, the chrysanthemum glucoside, the chlorogenic acid, Vitamin a and the Vitamin b, the trace element selenium, nickel, manganese and so on. It can be used to lower fever, detoxicate, treat disorders of the liver, to lower blood pressure.

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What are the benefits of chrysanthemum extract powder?

Chrysanthemum extract has the effects of antibacterial and antiviral, clearing away heat and reducing inflammation, anti-oxidation, and preventing skin aging. Wild chrysanthemum contains active ingredients that can be widely used in the treatment of sore carbuncle, sore throat, red eyes, headache, and dizziness. At the same time, it has a good effect of lowering blood pressure and can be used for the adjuvant treatment of hypertension.

It is used in treating sore pain, dizziness, hypertension, and so on; It has a distinctive anti-viral function, containing ingredients of anti-senile, promoting cholesterol decomposition and excretion.