For centuries, wild yam root powder for everything from pain relief to normalising hormone levels in women. It has also been used to improve the digestive system and enhance the production of bile, which aids in the breakdown of food in the body. it is still widely available in China and is now being grown in various parts of the world. Using it to treat menopause symptoms may not be the best idea.

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What are the functions of wild yam root extract powder?

1. Function of anti-fatigue, anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, hypocholesterolemic, and estrogenic effects.

2. As an antispasmodic, and could be helpful for nausea of pregnant women (morning sickness), spasmodic hiccough, and asthma.

3. Most women experience a lack of progesterone, not estrogen. Natural progesterone supplements are used to balance estrogen. Natural progesterone has a structure similar to that of human progesterone and is produced from plant fats; One of such fats is diosgenin. It is rich in diosgenin, so diosgenin became the most popular source of natural progesterone.