The active ingredient in senna extract powder is called sennoside. The laxative effect of sennoside and its active metabolite rhein anthrone is believed to inhibit the absorption of water and electrolyte in the large intestine, thereby increasing the volume and pressure of intestinal contents. It will stimulate the push-type tightening movement of the colon.senna extract powder the Sennoside can be prepared as enema or suppository or mixed with stool softener or lumpy fibrous laxative to form a combined laxative.

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Related applications of senna leaf extract

1. Used for heat-induced constipation, weight-loss granules, powders, solid beverages, jellies, etc., which require higher color after dissolution, and higher taste requirements;

2. It is also used in health care fields such as blood sugar and blood lipid adjustment, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory;

Characteristics of Senna Leaf Extract:

1. Good water solubility, fully water-soluble, no precipitation, transparent liquid

2. Not easy to agglomerate

3. The taste is relatively light. Through the adsorption process, the strong taste and smell are removed, and the taste is suitable.

4.Obvious effect (Sennoside A has the most obvious effect in senna leaf extract)