Motherwort extract is the above-ground part of Leonurus heterophyllus Sweet, a plant of the Lamiaceae family, Leonurus heterophyllus Sweet. Motherwort can be used as a whole herb. The active ingredient is Leonurus. The Leonurus extract contains Leonurusine, Stachytine, Leonurusine, Leonurus Ning and other alkaloids. Many effective substances such as benzoic acid and potassium chloride. Mostly used in the health care industry.

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What are the applications of motherwort extract?

1. Motherwort extract has broad-spectrum inhibition of periodontitis bacteria and can be used in oral hygiene products to prevent periodontitis;

2. It has a good promotion effect on the production of natural moisturizing factors and has a moisturizing effect on the skin;

3. It has a good inhibition rate for B-16 cells, so it can be used to prevent freckles and skin pigmentation;

4. It has antioxidant properties, combined with the activation of glutathione reductase, it can be considered as anti-aging.