The process of odorless garlic powder production is characterized by the immersion deodorization processing method. In this method, the clove is immersed in either an unsaturated carbonate salting liquid or an acetum 4.2% solution for seven days or more. This final step is called extraction. This process removes the sulfur compounds from the clove while maintaining its nutritional value. The third type of odorless garlic powder consists of a combination of oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, and potassium sulfite solutions.

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The method of odorless garlic powder production is not only effective but is also safe. this type of odorless garlic powder is made by pulverizing the clove in an oven. One of the most common methods of making odorless garlic powder is to use an airtight bag to hold the clove. These three processes result in odorless garlic powder. It has no flavor or color. Aside from its health benefits, odorless garlic is a useful supplement for many reasons.

Not only does odorless garlic powder have a neutral smell, but it is also a good source of allicin. It’s the best way to get allicin from garlic. This compound is the reason why odorless garlic is so beneficial. It’s full of natural vitamins and minerals. It can be used as a food additive and a supplement. The allicin content of an odorless garlic powder is certified through HPLC testing.

Odorless garlic powder has been found that a particular ingredient, Allicin, is responsible for a variety of health benefits in humans. Besides preventing bacterial infections, it reduces cholesterol. In addition to improving metabolism, odorless garlic powder also contains all the nutrients and minerals present in a whole clove of garlic. In this way, it can help in lowering your risk of disease.