The protein in potatoes is closest to animal protein. Potatoes are also foods rich in potassium, zinc, and iron. The potassium contained can prevent the rupture of cerebral blood vessels. It contains 10 times the protein and vitamin C of apples, and the content of vitamin B1, B2, iron and phosphorus is much higher than that of apples.

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What are the benefits of potato extract?

1. The protein extracted from potatoes contains protease inhibitors (Proteinase Inhibitor 2, PI2), which can reduce energy intake and induce satiety, which has the effect of weight control. 2. As a protease inhibitor, its properties are similar to soluble fiber, which can increase satiety and have a certain weight loss effect.

2. The nutritional value of potato extract has the effects of harmonizing the stomach, regulating the middle, strengthening the spleen, and replenishing qi. It also has therapeutic effects on gastric ulcers, habitual constipation, hot cough, and skin eczema.

What are the applications of potato extract?

1. Potato extract is a pure protein concentrate with a variety of balanced amino acid components and extremely high nutritional value. Used in the health food industry.

2. Potato extract is rich in protein, crude fiber, and carbohydrates, which can provide humans with a nutrient element. It is a kind of health food with great potential.

3. Potato protein contains a large amount of mucous protein. Mucous protein is a mixture of polysaccharide proteins, which can prevent fat deposition in the cardiovascular system, maintain the elasticity of arteries, prevent the premature occurrence of atheroma, and prevent liver and kidney The atrophy of the connective tissue in the middle maintains the lubrication of the respiratory and digestive tracts. It is also used in the medical and healthcare industry.