Lactoferrin is not only involved in the transport of iron, but also has powerful biological functions such as broad-spectrum antibacterial, anti-oxidation, anti-cancer, and immune system regulation. It is considered a new type of antibacterial and anti-cancer drug and a food and feed additive with great development potential.

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What are the applications of lactoferrin concentrates powder?

The extensive biological functions of lactoferrin determine its application in cosmetics, food, animal production, medical and other fields, and can be used as antioxidants, immune boosters, iron supplements, drug carriers, etc.


Lactoferrin is a natural substance in the human body. It has a wide range of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, melanin inhibition, and collagen formation effects, so it can be used as an effective ingredient in the development and utilization of cosmetic preparations.

In the development of whitening cosmetics, the raw materials have a certain degree of stability during processing, and lactoferrin has extremely high stability and can be used as raw materials for processing into whitening agents.

Studies have shown that using lactoferrin to identify whitening functions on animal skin models, lactoferrin can reduce the formation of melanin, and the ability to inhibit melanin is directly proportional to the content of lactoferrin, which indicates that lactoferrin can be The skin absorbs, thus playing a whitening role.

Lactoferrin can promote the collagen synthesis of osteoblasts in the human body, make up for the loss of collagen in the body due to age factors and environmental factors, and have a whitening effect on human skin. The whitening effect of lactoferrin is remarkable, and the application of cosmetics has a broad prospect, but its molecular mechanism needs to be further studied.

2.Food industry:

As of 2021, there are many products containing lactoferrin on the market, including yogurt, skimmed milk, health food and fermented dairy products. There are many benefits of adding lactoferrin to infant milk powder, including promoting the absorption of iron and improving the intestinal flora.

It has been confirmed in clinical and animal tests that these lactoferrin-containing products are very beneficial to health. It is popular in Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions to add lactoferrin to fermented dairy products, baby food, soy protein products, and meat products to supplement lactoferrin, enhance the body’s immunity, and prevent the body from contracting viral colds and intestinal infections. And other diseases [7].

3.Animal production

When lactoferrin is added to the feed of sows, sows can obtain a large amount of endogenous lactoferrin, which can reduce the probability of iron deficiency anemia in piglets, improve the immunity of piglets, and promote the growth of piglets. Adding lactoferrin to the piglet’s diet can improve the piglet’s intestinal microflora, prevent intestinal diarrhea, and enhance the piglet’s intestinal absorption of nutrients.

The feed added with lactoferrin can prevent the feed from being oxidized and decomposed, and at the same time enhance the nutrient content of the feed. Lactoferrin also has the function of better maintaining its physiological functions during the high-temperature processing of feed, so it can be used as a green feed additive for animal feeding.

4.Curing disease

Lactoferrin not only regulates the body’s iron metabolism, but also plays an important role in the body’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Studies have confirmed that lactoferrin receptors are highly expressed in neurons and capillary endothelial cells in the brains of patients with Parkinson’s disease, and that lactoferrin binds to inhibit the spread of prion protein; this effect of lactoferrin suggests that it has a neurodegenerative effect. Potential application value of disease prevention and treatment.