As the genetic material of pinus, pine pollen extract powder contains more than 200 kinds of nutrients and bioactive substances such as vitamins, trace elements, flavonoids, enzymes, fatty acids, and coenzymes in addition to general nutrients such as protein, fat and total polysaccharide.99% cell broken pine pollen has the health care of immune regulation, can enhance the body’s immunity effect. Specific can adjust the gastrointestinal function, the heart and blood vessel maintenance, brain fitness, intelligence, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, and other effects.

Riotto is a food grade light yellow wall broken pine pollen extract powder manufacturer from china our pine pollen extract powder features are high-quality supplement materials.

What are the benefits of pine pollen extract powder?

1. Improve immunity.

2. Eliminate fatigue, improve sexual function.

3. Protect the heart, prevent vascular system diseases.

4. Prevent diabetes prevention prostatitis.

5. Improve digestion, increase appetite, overcome constipation.

6. Relieve menopause symptoms.

7. Improve memory.

8. Promote children’s healthy growth.

9.Beauty and skin care, anti-aging.