D-mannose is an effective chemical and health ingredient for urinary system infections alongside cranberries and probiotics. D-mannose is a simple sugar related to glucose, which is absorbed by the body very quickly, but does not participate in the body’s metabolism Its sweetness is lower than that of sucrose (the sweetness is about 0.6 of that of sucrose, which is similar to the sweetness of erythritol currently on the market), so it can be used as a sugar substitute for diabetic patients.

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What are the functions of D-mannose?

1. Prevent recurrent urinary tract infections; D-mannose can effectively alleviate the symptoms of urinary tract infections (reducing frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and other symptoms of urinary tract infection, reducing white blood cells, the number of bacteria in the urine, etc.);

2. Inhibit the growth of cancer cells; According to an article published by Cancer Centre UK on November 22, 2018, it showed that oral D-mannose has a significant inhibitory effect on tumors. D-Mannose is expected to be a simple and safe anti-cancer therapy, and it can be used for a variety of cancer types;

3. Treatment of immune system diseases;

4. Improve the balance of intestinal flora; d-mannose can stimulate the growth or activity of bacteria in the colon and have a beneficial effect on the host, thereby improving the health of the host. It can prevent harmful bacteria from forming in the human intestines.