Black Ginger, belonging to the genus Kaempferia (Kaempferia L.), is produced in Southeast Asia, mainly Thailand and Laos, and is a crop with high medicinal value. In Southeast Asia, especially Thailand, it is cited as a raw material for dietary supplements. Although it is the same ginger, black ginger belongs to a different genus from the ginger we see daily, and its physiological functions are also somewhat different.

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Thai black ginger has a significant effect on anti-aging. The black ginger extract contains up to 11 kinds of natural flavonoids. It is a strong antioxidant. The ability to prevent oxidation is more than ten times that of vitamin E. Prevent cell degeneration and senescence, and also prevent the occurrence of cancer.

1. Black ginger extract can effectively resist sunlight and ultraviolet rays, promote the production of collagen, and strengthen the tightness of skin muscles.

2. Black ginger can regulate body functions, improve endurance, and enhance male endurance.

3. Inhibit obesity and promote metabolism. Black ginger contains high-quality inhibition of lipase, which can effectively inhibit obesity, reduce the production of body fat, burn fat and detoxify, and promote metabolism.

4. Relieve body pain, myalgia and fatigue. Black ginger can help hard-working people not feel physically tired. It has obvious effect on joint pain and gout.

5. Improve cardiovascular disease, remove vascular waste, maintain blood pressure balance, black ginger can inhibit blood glucose level, effectively regulate blood sugar, diabetes, blood lipids, etc.

6. Regulate gastrointestinal diseases, regulate the digestive system. Black ginger can effectively regulate diarrhea, stomachache, bloating, etc.