Blueberry powder is a natural pigment extracted from the fruit of high-quality cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccus) using modern biotechnology. Blueberry powder is mainly used in the coloring of aquatic product processing, animal product processing, vegetable egg products, baked products, etc. It is a reddish-brown coloring agent. Used in the food industry. Skin antioxidants.

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What are the effects of blueberry powder

1. Blueberry powder can delay memory decline and prevent the occurrence of heart disease

2. Blueberry powder contains a lot of physiologically active substances, which is called the “No. 1 antioxidant” in fruits and vegetables. It can protect cells and avoid damage by peroxides. It can prevent dysfunction, improve short-term memory, and improve the balance of the elderly. And coordination.

3.Regular consumption of blueberry powder can significantly enhance vision and eliminate eye fatigue; nourish the skin; delay cranial nerve aging; have an effect on capillary disease caused by diabetes; enhance heart function; prevent senile dementia.