Hydrolyzed keratin powder are extracted from natural keratin such as chicken feathers or duck feathers using biological enzyme digestion technology. Hydrolyzed keratin powder have good affinity and moisturizing properties to the skin, can be absorbed by hair, prevent hair damage, and can alleviate the irritation effect of surfactants on skin and hair in cosmetic formulations. It is widely used in high-end cosmetics industry .

Riotto is a cosmetic grade hair treatment hydrolyzed keratin powder manufacturer from China, our hydrolyzed keratin powder raw material exported to many countries for more than 10 years.

What are the applications of hydrolyzed keratin powder?

1. The main role of hydrolyzed keratin in cosmetics and skincare products is hair conditioner and moisturizer.

2. Hydrolyzed keratin can be widely used as a nutrient, which can be absorbed by the skin and improve the water-holding capacity of the skin stratum corneum; it is made into hair lotion with vitamin B (Riboflavin) and proline, which can protect, gain weight and condition the hair Function; Used in perm agents, it can relieve the damage of chemical agents to the hair.