Chlorogenic acid is an organic substance with a chemical formula of C16H18O9. It is one of the main antibacterial and antiviral pharmacological components of honeysuckle. Hemihydrate is a needle-like crystal (water). 110℃ becomes an anhydrous compound. The solubility in water at 25°C is 4%, and the solubility in hot water is greater. Easily soluble in ethanol and acetone, very slightly soluble in ethyl acetate.

Chlorogenic acid has a wide range of antibacterial effects, but it can be inactivated by protein in the body. Similar to caffeic acid, it can improve the central excitability of rats when taken orally or intraperitoneally. It can increase the peristalsis of the small intestine of rats and mice and the tension of the uterus of rats. The biliary effect can increase the bile secretion of rats. It is sensitizing to humans. After inhaling plant dust containing this product, asthma, dermatitis, etc. may occur.

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what is chlorogenic acid good for?

1. Anti-oxidation and scavenging free radicals in the body.
2. Antibacterial and antiviral effects.
3. Anti-mutation and anti-tumor effects.
4. Cardiovascular protection.
5. Cholesterol-lowering effect.
6. Proliferation of bone cells.
7. Immune regulation.
8. Sex hormones and gonadotropin-like effects.