Flaxseed is an annual herb, the seed of flax. This small red-brown fruit has a strong nutty flavor, even in baked foods. In fact, in many European countries, bakers often use this kind of grain in almost all foods, such as biscuits, cakes, bread, and so on.
Crushed or ground fruit can be added to bread or muffins, or to yogurt or cereals.
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The effects of Flaxseed Protein:
1. Skin is delicate and shiny
Improve skin fat content, make skin more tender, smooth, moist, soft, and elastic, and make skin breathe and sweat normal, alleviate various skin problems.

2. Losing weight
Can consume excess body fat, is a healthy weight loss method. Improvement of Premenstrual Syndrome in Women.

3. Upgrading Pressure Resistance
Flaxseed can reduce the impact of harmful biochemical substances when the body is under pressure, stabilize mood, maintain a calm mind, and reduce depression and insomnia.