Gallnut extract is a product extracted from Galla Chinensis as raw material, and it mainly contains Galla Chinensis tannin, gallic acid, and so on. Ingredients such as tannins and gallic acid have more ortho-phenolic hydroxyl groups.
The galls on the leaves of Rhuschinensis Mill., RhuspotaniniiMaxim. or Rhuspunjabensis Stew.var.sinica Wils, mainly formed by the parasitism of Melaphischinensis (Bell), is divided into angle and belly times according to their appearance. It is distributed in most areas of our country and is mainly produced in Sichuan.

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The effects of gallnut extract:

1、Chinese gallnut extract can combine with protein to produce water-insoluble macromolecular deposits. After skin mucous membranes and ulcers come into contact with tannin, their tissue proteins will be coagulated, resulting in a layer of the envelope and astringent effect. At the same time, small blood vessels are compressed and contracted. The blood coagulates and has a hemostatic effect.
2、Chinese gallnut extract is “sour, salty, calming, and non-toxic”. As a traditional Chinese medicine, it has many clinical effects such as restraining the lungs and reducing fire, astringent intestines and diarrhea, condensing and reducing urine, anti-perspiration, hemostasis, detoxification, and sores. It is widely used clinically.