Amygdalin (Amygdalin, derived from the Greek “almond”), also known as amygdalin, is a toxic cyanogenic glycoside found in many plants, but the most striking is found in apricots, bitter almonds, apples, In the seeds of plants such as peaches and plums. It is a glycoside isolated from the seeds of almonds by Pierre-Jean-Lobic and A. F. Boutron-Charlard in 1803.

Amygdalin is a common cyanogenic glycoside and an effective ingredient in the traditional Chinese medicine Amygdalin. It is a derivative of α-hydroxy nitrile. So far, it has become a commonly used expectorant and anti-cancer drug in medicine. Amygdalin is widely found in the seeds loquat, apricot, peach, green plum, bayberry, and other plants. Amygdalin is formed by linking two molecules of glucose and one molecule of amygdalonitrile.

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The function of Amygdalin:

1.used for cancer treatment;
2.used as anti-cancer ingredients;
3.can mitigate inflammation, ease pain
4.has effect on reduce blood sugar,hypolipidemic;
5.can relieve cough, asthma and reduce phlegm;
6.has cosmetic effects and can eliminate pigmentation, freckles and dark spots.