Tea saponin is an excellent additive for water or soluble powder pesticides. It can improve the physical properties of pesticides, improve the adhesion of the liquid to the surface of organisms or plants, and play a synergistic effect on pesticides. Tea saponin can automatically degrade and is non-toxic. It will not affect the chemical properties of pesticides during the separation process, which is beneficial to the storage of pesticides.

Tea saponin has been widely used in herbicide glyphosate, insecticide, and insecticide, especially glyphosate. It gives full play to the excellent properties of glyphosate and improves its adhesion and moisture absorption on plants. It can improve the permeability of the liquid medicine, and because of the good biological activity of tea saponin, it can also improve the biological activity of glyphosate.

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What is the application of tea saponin?

Because tea saponin has good biological activity, it can be mixed with dimethoate, malathion, methomyl, kungfu pyrethroid, nisolan, tachyfenone, nicotine, dimethoate, and rotenone to control the constriction tube. Aphid, Plutella xylostella, Panonychus citrus, etc., have obvious synergistic effects.
Tea saponin has certain stomach toxicity and stronger repellent effect on Pieris rapae, and the higher the concentration, the stronger the repellent, and it has a certain effect on preventing and controlling Pieris rapae damage to cabbage. Used as an insecticide on garden flowers to control underground pests, such as cutworms, nematodes and other pests. It also has a good poisoning effect on snails, snails, and snails that harm rice.