Kaempferol, also called flavonol, is a type of flavonoid polyphenol. It is present in many plants such as Brussels sprouts, tea, grapefruit, cauliflower, apples, onions, red wine and some berries. This compound has been found to have many positive effects on human health. Studies have confirmed that it helps prevent heart disease and cancer.

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What are the benefits of kaempferol powder?

1. Kaempferol is considered to be particularly helpful in reducing the risk of fatal heart disease in women.

2. As an antioxidant, flavonols can help prevent oxidative damage to cells and DNA.

3. Kaempferol is believed to have the effect of preventing arteriosclerosis. The prevention of DNA oxidative damage can help prevent cancer and prevent abnormalities.

4. Research has found that this natural compound can prevent the formation and growth of cancer cells. It is especially effective when used in combination with quercetin.