What are the benefits of ajoene?

Ajoene is a sulfur-containing organosulfur compound found in garlic extracts. It is a colorless liquid with disulfide and sulfoxide functional groups.  In fresh preparations, ajoene is the dominant isomer. When prepared in the processing method, it will gradually convert into the E-isomer, which is more stable. Ajoene is a derivative of allicin, a molecule found in garlic. It is most prevalent in garlic macerate. The two components allicin and ajoene can be used to create a variety of products.

A recent study investigated the bioactivity of ajoene compared to two ajoene isomers. It found that the Z-isomer exhibits greater antimicrobial activity than the E-isomer. Further, ajoene inhibits the growth and replication of CD34-negative leukaemia cells. The drug-enhanced apoptosis by inactivating a protein called platelet integrin.

ajoeneAlthough the benefits of ajoene are not fully known, it is believed to inhibit the growth of human CD34-negative cancer cells. It can also induce apoptosis in apoptotic human leukaemia cells. Fresh garlic has also been shown to prevent food poisoning. The ajoene in garlic is believed to prevent fungal skin infections. It can also help to reduce the risk of blood clots and increase the bleeding after surgery.

Another study found ajoene to have a potent enhancing effect on CD34-positive human myeloid leukemia cells. This suggests that ajoene may have a role in treating refractory and elderly patients with AML. Further studies are required to evaluate the antiproliferative activity of ajoene in human lymphocytes. It also has the potential to stimulate cell death and improve blood clotting.

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