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Ginger extract vs water soluble ginger extract

One form of water soluble ginger extract is available in the form of a powder. The compound contains the same constituents as the whole ginger root but has a lower solubility level. It is extracted with a 50% ethanol solution for seven days. After the extraction, the extract solution is distilled at reduced pressure at 40 degrees Celsius. The residue is subjected to liquid-liquid fractionation. Then, it is dissolved in a 20% ethanol solution.

Riotto offers a 100% organic, highly water soluble ginger extract. This product has been clinically studied and found to produce excellent sensory results. Because it is highly water soluble, the product is clear and free of pulp, sediments, and residual texture. Another benefit of using an extract is the cost. By reducing the amount of ginger needed to be ground, the cost of shipping and waste is significantly lower. Furthermore, preparation time is reduced.Therefore, an extract of ginger is the best choice for your products.

Organic ginger is not only easy to work with. It has low solubility, making it difficult to use in beverages. However, it is not hard to make a water soluble ginger extract. Its water soluble properties make it suitable for beverage production. The water soluble ginger extracts are easy to blend with any liquid. Unlike organic ginger, it is much easier to use in beverages than other forms of the herb.

Water soluble ginger concentrate root extract powder 1% -5% gingerols

Water soluble ginger root extracts are commonly used as a drug or cosmetic. The herb is obtained through various methods. Conventional extractions use hydrous alcohol in a mixture of five parts water and 30 parts hydrous glycol. A filtration process uses a membrane filter to obtain the water soluble version of the ginger root. The process also produces a water-soluble extract. Its use is more widespread than the traditional ginger extracts.

Ginger is effective for treating cardiovascular disease. It has been shown to lower TC, HDL-C, and VLDL cholesterol levels, which are all risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The herb is also effective in treating obesity and can be used to treat a variety of chronic conditions. The benefits of ginger are numerous. It can be used as a medicine or for cosmetic purposes. When taken orally, it can help patients with a number of health problems.

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