Why are the plant ingredients popular in cosmetic products?

Cosmetic plant active ingredient is the whole plant or specific tissue of the original plant, without specific processing, through the extraction of a specific one or a class of effective ingredients to separate and concentrate the solid, powder or liquid as active ingredients added to the cosmetic formula. There are many natural ingredients used in cosmetic products and some of these ingredients have been around for centuries such as Avocado oil, beeswax, tree sap, and egg whites have all been used for cosmetic purposes. Some of these ingredients have been chemically modified.

Why are plant ingredients popular?

There is no governing body or agency that defines “natural ingredients” in cosmetic products. However, the term “natural” generally refers to plant-based ingredients. Some new brands have moved away from the term and are opting for clean, organic products. While these cosmetics contain safe synthetic ingredients, they are not classified as natural. To be a natural product, its ingredients must be derived from plants, animals, microorganisms, and minerals.

The main goal of these products is to make them as healthy as possible. Choosing natural ingredients is a wise move, as they are more sustainable. In addition to being non-toxic, they do not contain harsh chemicals or fillers that can cause adverse effects on the body. In addition, natural ingredients can help you reduce the effects of the products you use on your skin. This is why so many cosmetic companies are switching to natural ingredients.

As more people become environmentally conscious, more natural cosmetic products are emerging as a viable alternative to synthetic chemicals. Most of these ingredients are sourced from developing countries and can be found in natural cosmetics at a lower cost. Some of these ingredients are also made of sugars, which can be added to skincare products. Other natural ingredients that are becoming popular include lanolin, vitamin C, and ferulic acid.

Among the many natural ingredients in cosmetic products, cyclic silicones and nitrosamines are particularly controversial. These substances belong to a class of organic substances that are not safe for human use. Though these compounds may have a variety of beneficial effects, they should still be avoided in cosmetic products. Some of these chemicals are carcinogenic and have a high risk of harm to the environment. They should not be used in any type of product unless they are certified as natural.

To ensure that cosmetic products are safe, they should be free of chemicals. The use of natural ingredients in cosmetic products is the best way to avoid harmful chemicals. In addition to these, there are many other benefits of natural cosmetic products. Unlike synthetic chemicals, they are free from additives. They are more effective in cleansing and rejuvenating skin. This means that they are the best option for your skin. It is essential to check the safety of any cosmetic product before using it.

Application of plant ingredients in cosmetics

Corrosion protection

Plant preservatives have become a hot research topic in the industry. Based on the natural antiseptic properties of some plant parts, researchers have isolated components with antibacterial and bactericidal effects, and developed them into preservatives that can be used in cosmetics. Compared with traditional cosmetic preservatives, plant-based preservatives have the advantages of natural mild, high safety, wide antibacterial spectrum, diverse microbial inhibition, long validity period and compound skin care efficacy.

Single plant corrosion component is hard to have good antibacterial spectrum efficiency, at the present stage, plant preservative is more effective antibacterial ingredients extracted from plants as the main active ingredient, with synergistic antibacterial effect of symplectic glycol, ethyl hexyl glycerin, etc., of excluding conventional chemical preservatives but have good antiseptic bacteriostasis effect of products.


At present, the sunscreen added in sunscreen cosmetics mainly includes physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen. Chemical sunscreen has good sunscreen effect, but poor photostability and irritation. Physical sunscreen has better safety, but it also has the disadvantages of poor compatibility and insufficient sense of use. The development of sunscreen cosmetics with plant-active ingredients as sunscreen has become a hot research topic.

Plant-derived sunscreen, using modern extraction technology, natural plants are extracted to obtain effective sunscreen ingredients, so as to play the sunscreen effect or synergistic play sunscreen effect. Some natural plant ingredients, such as flavonoids and phenols, with special double bonds, conjugated double bonds and other structures, can absorb ultraviolet energy and convert it into heat energy and light energy and other forms of release, in order to reduce ultraviolet damage to the skin. Studies have found that there are flavecanside and flavescentin in yellow ash, rutin in Sophorae japonica, eugenol in cloves, the above ingredients make it have good uv absorption capacity.

In order to be considered a natural product, the ingredients must be chemically modified in some way. Most natural ingredients are obtained by fermentation and some of them require that cosmetic products contain ingredients that meet its standards. Regardless of whether a cosmetic is organic, it should contain ingredients that are certified organic. There are no regulated natural products, but they do contain the proper amount of the right ingredients. These are essential to the safety and health of the skin and cosmetics.

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