olive leaf extract

What is olive leaf extract good for?

As a symbol of peace and security, the olive tree has provided food and shelter since the beginning of human history. It is thought to have originated along the Mediterranean coast more than 5,000 years ago and was first brought to the United States in the 15th century. There are indications that drinking tea brewed with olive leaves is a traditional centuries-old treatment in the Middle East for ailments such as coughs, sore throats, cystitis, and fever. Olive leaf ointment is used to treat boils, rashes, warts, and other skin conditions. It was not until the early 18th century that olive leaves began to attract the attention of medical establishments. A French army colonel, Lane Pallas, M.D., analyzed the leaves and isolated a crystallizable substance he named strychnine, a class of bitter substances he believed to have powerful antipyretic properties. This is also considered the beginning of modern research on olive leaf extract.

The health benefits of olive leaf are still unknown, but preliminary research indicates that it may improve cardiovascular health. The leaf of the olive tree is known for its flavor, but it is also considered a superfood due to its health benefits. Although the effect of olive leaf extract on the human body is unknown, it is an important addition to any health regimen. This article discusses the potential health benefits of olive leaf.  The main components of Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol were iridoids, with the highest activity. The benefits we’re talking about are actually the effects of these active substances, which are widely used in health supplements and cosmetics.

olive leaf extract powderThe benefits of olive leaf  extract:

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

Olive leaf has many benefits for humans. The benefits of the olive leaf include anti-inflammatory properties. Olive leaf extracts may significantly interfere with certain amino acid patterns necessary for the growth of particular viruses, bacteria, or microorganisms, and may interfere with viral infection and/or transmission by inactivating or preventing the virus from shedding its shell, germinating, or germinating in cell membranes; Or directly infiltrate infected cells and irreversibly inhibit microbial replication, neutralizing reverse transcriptase and protease products of reverse transcriptase viruses.
Olive leaf extract is highly effective against infectious and malignant microorganisms. It stops the onset of colds and other viral diseases, fungal, mold and yeast invasions, mild and severe bacterial infections, and protozoan infections. Not just prophylactic, olive leaf extract offers a safe and effective treatment in the battle against microbes. Studies have also shown that the extract attacks only pathogens and is harmless to the body’s symbiotic gut bacteria, another advantage over synthetic antibiotics.

Antioxidant olivin can protect skin cells from UV damage, prevent UV to the skin membrane lipid decomposition, promote fiber cells to generate colloidal protein, reduce the secretion of fiber cells colloidal enzyme, prevent the anti-polysaccharide reaction of the cell membrane, so as to highly protect fiber cells, resist UV UV oxidative damage.

Strengthen the immune system
Olive leaf extract has been successfully used by some physicians to treat patients with medically unexplained diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome and myofibromyalgia, possibly as a result of its direct stimulation of the immune system.

For cardiovascular health
Many studies have shown that olive leaf has beneficial effects on cardiovascular health. Studies have demonstrated that olive leaf can reduce fasting blood sugar levels and reduce glucose levels. Other studies have revealed that olive leaf helps lower the risk of strokes and prevents cardiovascular problems. This is a beneficial natural product to consider. It is also a healthy way to fight high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. So, it is not surprising that the health benefits of olive leaf are well documented.
Furthermore, olive leaf is used in traditional medicine for heart health. The polyphenols found in olive leaf help the heart. These compounds act as antioxidants in the body.  They protect the cardiovascular tissues.  Recommended doses by health experts include one or two capsules with a total dose of 500mg per day for prevention.

The applications of olive leaf

1. Medicinal uses
It is used to make new drugs for the treatment of diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, protozoa, parasites and bloodsucking worms, as well as new drugs for the treatment of colds.

2. Health food
Olive leaf extract is mainly used as a dietary supplement to regulate immunity.

3. Skincare products
The high content of oleuropein in skincare products can protect skin cells from UV damage and effectively maintain skin tenderness and elasticity. The experiment proved that: pure olive leaf extract can effectively organize the peroxidation reaction, so as to highly repair – promote the metabolism of collagen.

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