Aloe vera, also known as hellebore, is a perennial plant, commonly grown as an herbal and ornamental plant. In traditional Thai medicinal practice, the extract of hellebore is used to treat inflammation and swelling, most commonly caused by sunburn, burns, bites and insect stings. It’s also used to alleviate minor digestive problems, such as colic, as well as to relieve vaginal dryness and itching, and as a natural and effective laxative.Today i will introduce common questions about aloe extract.

aloe vera gel

Q:Will more than 95% of aloin discolor when dissolved in water?

A: 95% of aloin is slightly soluble in water and will turn brown when dissolved; the reason for discoloration: Aloin is unstable in water, and part of aloin is hydrolyzed in water to produce emodin, so it changes color.

Q:How to solve the problem of discoloration of aloin used in daily chemical products?

A: Adjusting the pH can alleviate it, but there will still be changes; in addition, inhibitors can be added to inhibit discoloration.

Q:How to distinguish aloe-emodin from toluene or ethanol?

A: Generally it depends on the color: the orange-yellow is made of toluene, and the brown-yellow is made of ethanol. The rigorous method is to detect that there will be toluene residual solvent in the toluene extraction, and the ethanol extraction will not.

Q:The purpose of removing aloin during the production of aloe gel lyophilized powder?

A: Aloin has a purgative effect.

Q:What is the difference between aloe gel lyophilized powder and aloe gel spray powder?

A: Aloe gel lyophilized powder can retain the original ingredients very well, and the spray-dried powder is yellowish in color.

Q:How is the difference between 100:1 and 200:1 aloe gel lyophilized powder?

A: The content of O acetyl polysaccharide can be detected.

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