Mulberry trees are widely planted throughout China, and the yield of mulberry leaves is high. Among them, mulberry leaves after frost have the best medicinal value, and riotto’s own production base will conduct large-scale manual harvesting during the best raw material harvesting season every year.

The active ingredients of mulberry leaf extract include DNJ, phytosterols, flavonoids, etc.
The main specifications of mulberry leaf extract: mulberry leaf flavonoids 1%-5% (UV) mulberry leaf DNJ 1%-10% (HPLC)

Benefit for blood sugar white mulberry leaf extract DNJ manufacturer
Besides being applied in the field of health care products and cosmetics, Mulberry leaf extract can also be used in functional food for pets, and its main effects are as follows.

1. Dispersing wind heat. In summer, pets are prone to wind-heat diseases, so mulberry leaves can be added to food to lightly clear the hair and disperse the wind, and dissipate heat to prevent disease and can be consumed for a long time.

2. clear the lungs and moisten dryness. Pet food is mostly puffed pellets, easy to get on fire, leading to dry skin, hair brittle fracture, etc., mulberry leaves have a good ability to clear the lungs and moisten dryness, can be added to food to use, to play a preventive and therapeutic effect.

3. Clear the liver and brighten the eyes. Normal dogs and cats are considered to have a high level of fire in their bodies, which in turn results in more eye secretions and the formation of tired marks. Mulberry leaves can dissipate wind heat, clear the liver and eyes, for the prevention of liver and gallbladder damp heat and excessive eye secretions have a good effect.

4. Other effects. From the Western veterinary point of view, mulberry leaves contain a variety of chemical components, with hypoglycemic hypolipidemic hypotension, antibacterial and antiviral, anti-aging, and a variety of pharmacological activities, due to the improvement of living conditions, such conditions have become very common in the pet clinic, therefore, mulberry leaves can be widely used for preventive health care.

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