Tongkat ali is a wild shrub that grows in the tropical rainforest. In folk, the plant is known as a Longjack.Currently, the slices on the market are mainly root slices, which taste bitter, and the main extract of the active ingredient is the root, and the trunk has relatively few active ingredients.

Tongkat ali is mainly produced in Southeast Asian countries. Especially Malaysia is the most famous. Its temperature is above 29 degrees all year round and it is very close to the equator, creating a suitable growth environment for Tongkat ali.

So the question is, what is the difference between Malaysia’s Tongkat ali and other countries’ Tongkat ali?

In fact, from a certain point of view, the main point is the difference ineffective ingredients. High-quality raw materials produce high content of active ingredients. The main ingredients of Tongkat ali are eurycomanone, euryc omanol, eurycomalactone; various cant hine-6-one alkaloids, etc. The extracts currently sold in the plant extract industry are mainly proportional products. The main reason is that the content of quinone in the raw materials of Tongkat ali is very small, and the extraction cost is high and difficult. At present, only a few domestic enterprises can produce low-content quinone products.

tongkat ali extractWhat is tongkat ali used for?

Tongkat ali extract is used to reduce uric acid, improve gout, strengthen the kidney, nourish the kidney, prostatitis, improve immunity, etc.;

1. Strengthen the kidney

Tongkat ali is rich in a variety of plant active ingredients, which play a great role in strengthening the kidneys of men. It can effectively promote the secretion of human testosterone, increase the content of human hormones, promote blood circulation and metabolism, enhance kidney motility, increase libido, and promote Fertility.

2. Reduce uric acid

It can effectively inhibit the synthesis of uric acid, reduce the content of uric acid, and play a role in reducing uric acid.

3. Improve gout

Tongkat ali contains unique plant ingredients, which can effectively dissolve the urate crystals that cause gout in the human body and excrete it from the body, and play a role in improving gout.

4. Improve prostatitis

Tongkat ali’s anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action on prostatitis can effectively destroy the living environment of prostatic inflammation, thereby achieving the effect of improving prostatitis.

5. Lower blood sugar

Tongkat ali can also regulate human body secretion, soften blood vessels, lower blood sugar, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

6.Daily health care

In addition to these effects, Tongkat ali can also improve human immunity, prevent the occurrence of diseases, and strengthen the body.

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