Centella asiatica, native to India, generally grows in warm and humid places, so it is mostly planted in the southern provinces of my country .because of its diverse active substances, centella asiatica extract can be found in the medical field, health care product industry, especially in the addition table of many high-end skincare products.

Today we mainly discuss the role of centella asiatica extract in cosmetics.

The main active ingredients of centella asiatica extract that can be used in cosmetics are asiatic acid, madecassic acid, asiaticoside, and madecassic acid. madecassic acid is a triterpene saponin of centella asiatica Compounds, which account for about 30% of the total glycosides of centella Asiatica, which is one of the highest proportions of active ingredients. It is generally extracted from its dried whole plant.

Centella asiatica extract powder

So, what is the effect of centella asiatica extract?

Centella Asiatica extract contains a variety of active chemicals that can help support skin barrier function and promote wound healing (including stimulation of collagen production). This helps reduce skin sensitivity and improve skin moisture. There is even evidence that centella asiatica extract can help reduce stretch marks.

Studies have shown that the use of creams containing 0.25% to 1% asiaticoside alcohol extract (including asiatic acid and asiaticoside) to treat skin diseases has a good therapeutic effect.

1.Centella asiatica has the skin care effects of supplementing skin collagen, removing acne and acne marks, anti-inflammatory and repairing, and anti-oxidation;

2.Centella asiatica extract can promote wound cell proliferation and collagen synthesis. Treating wounds with its extract can make epithelial tissues grow faster so that the wounds heal faster.

3.Centella asiatica is suitable for various skin types. It can heal damaged skin and gradually relieve acne. Using a mask containing Centella asiatica for acne muscles will relieve acne and increase skin resistance. It has anti-inflammatory, The effect of sedation and swelling.

4.Centella asiatica can tighten the connecting part of the epidermis and the dermis, make the skin firm and soft, effectively alleviate the phenomenon of skin sagging, and make the skin firm and smooth.

5.Centella asiatica also has good antioxidant properties, can promote skin metabolism, help accelerate the formation of new cells, and resist aging.

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