Soybean is one of the important food crops in my country. It has a history of 5,000 years of cultivation, and there are currently about 1,000 cultivated varieties.

Soybean contains about 20% fat and 40% protein. It is also rich in vitamins and nutritious. In addition to direct consumption, it can also be widely used in the food industry, health care industry, pharmaceutical industry, and cosmetic raw materials.

Soybean extract is mainly derived from soybean germ or soybean meal. It is crushed, canned, 80% ethanol-water is used as a solvent, heated to reflux extraction, combined and a series of professional equipment to obtain soybean extract, the color is a light yellow or yellow powder, high The content of daidzein is almost white.

The main components of soybean extract are soybean isoflavones, daidzein, soybean sterol, soybean lecithin, soybean oligosaccharides, soybean phosphatidylserine, and so on.

Soy isoflavones are a kind of polyphenolic compounds that can bind to estrogen receptors, exert estrogen-like effects or antagonize the two-way regulation of endogenous estrogen, and can balance the level of estrogen in the body.

wholesale natural soybean extract isoflavones powder manufacturerThe main effects of soybean extract are shown in the following aspects:

1. Good for cardiovascular health;
2. Helps antioxidant;
3. Contribute to bone health;
4. Improve women’s menopausal health problems;

At present, China’s exports of plant extracts to Europe and the United States account for 20%-30% of total exports. The main varieties are ginkgo, perforatum, soybean, ginseng, etc.; dietary supplements, food and beverages, health care, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products, The ingredients used in personal care products are getting more and more attention from consumers.

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