Matcha powder originates from China, rose in the Sui Dynasty, and flourished in the Song Dynasty. As early as the Tang Dynasty, people invented steamed green loose tea (ground tea) and became an indispensable daily drink for people. Different from traditional tea brewing, tea is brewed by using hot water to brew the ingredients of the tea; while matcha is ground tea into a powder, and then water is added to make a solution, so drinking matcha is actually drinking “tea”.

Is green tea and matcha the same?

Green tea powder is not equal to matcha

1.The tree species are different: the tea trees for the production of matcha are selected, and the three tea species imported from Japan, Shubei, Asahi, and Asaru, are used here.

2.Different crafts

The basic steps of making matcha are more complicated than green tea: crushing, steaming, cooling, drying, separation of stems and leaves, removal of sand and gravel, sterilization, rapid drying, grinding, etc. After this set of procedures, ordinary tea leaves can be turned into micronized powder with a mesh size of over 2500 mesh.

3.Different picking season

Matcha is later than green tea, and green tea is the best quality tea picked before Qingming Festival. However, the picking of matcha tea was postponed to May in order to extend the growth period of the tea and reduce the bitter tea polyphenols in the tea. Therefore, the biggest difference between the finished matcha and green tea is that there is basically no bitterness.

matcha powderwhat‘s the application of Matcha powder?

1.Baking categories: pastries, pastries, biscuits, snacks, desserts, basic use of 500, 1000 purposes.

2.Beverages: tea ceremony, beverages, packaged beverages, you can use more than 2000 mesh, the taste is very good, very delicate.

3.Cosmetics: Matcha lip balm, mask, lotion, use more than 1000 mesh.

The matcha powder produced by riotto uses steamed green tea as the raw material and generally adopts a production process of high-temperature curing and low-temperature grinding. This process generally produces cooked powder. If you are interested in matcha powder, you can contact us by email at [email protected], we will get back to you within 24 hours.