Mushrooms are a common ingredient in our daily diet. They are both delicious and nutritious. In recent years, mushroom extracts have become the best after turmeric, CBD, and Ashwagandha due to their excellent performance in immune support, brain health, adaptogens, and other aspects. The new generation of Internet celebrity dietary supplement raw materials has begun to become a frequent visitor to the list of new foreign food, beverages, and dietary supplement products. As a functional ingredient, it is rapidly flooding into the mainstream market.

The main health functions and product applications of mushrooms

1. Enhance human immunity
The various polysaccharides found in mushrooms can regulate the human immune function in both directions; in addition, there are active substances such as terpenoids, enzymes, and unsaturated fatty acids, which are of great significance in stimulating the activity of human immune cells.

2. Brain health
Another main application direction of mushroom ingredients in brain health supplements can effectively optimize the brain’s nervous system, enhance cognitive function, and play a certain role in memory, comprehension, communication, acuity, and concentration.

Adaptogen is a kind of raw material that enhances the body’s ability to respond to biological, chemical, and physiological stress stimuli. The most common adaptogen mushroom ingredients are mainly Ganoderma and Cordyceps. The active ingredients in these two mushrooms can naturally increase the body’s energy and endurance, improve human immunity and help reduce stress and fatigue.

Immunity and brain health are the main selling points of mushrooms as dietary supplements and capsules and powders are the most common dosage forms .

mushroom extract
What is the Application of Mushroom Ingredients in Functional Food and Beverage?

Mushrooms have been very common in various foods and beverages as food materials, flavor components, and substitutes for meat. It is becoming a new trend to add healthy mushroom ingredients to various functional foods and beverages.

1. Mushroom + drink
2. Mushroom + dairy products
3. Mushroom + Nutrition Bar
4. Mushroom + Chocolate

The conventional products of mushroom extracts produced by riotto manufacturers are brown-yellow powder, as well as mushroom powder, mushroom dietary fiber, mushroom polysaccharides, and other specifications. If you are interested in mushroom extracts, you can contact us by email at [email protected], we will reply to you within 24 hours.