Ginger has a long history and a wide range of functions. It is one of the most familiar foods in various countries. There are many things to discover about its traditional eating methods. The flavor of ginger is very complicated, except for ginger extract, ginger oil, etc., But also need newer technology to develop and innovate flavor. In addition, ginger from different regions has different tastes.

Ginger extract is widely used in the food and beverage industry, including carbonated soft drinks, beer mixes, energy drinks, distilled beverages, tea drinks, baked products, syrups, candies, and ice cream.

ginger extract

Ginger has become a new favorite flavor in the food industry in the past two years, and it continues to heat up. Many companies have launched ginger-flavored foods, including beverages, candies, snack foods, ginger tea, ginger beer and ginger soda, ginger water, ginger juice, etc. Data show that the growth rate of the ginger and ginger extract market is considerable Among them, the application of ginger extract in the food and beverage industry accounts for the main proportion.

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