White kidney bean, biological name kidney bean, alias kidney bean, etc. It is the mature seed of the kidney bean Phaseolusvulgaris, a herbaceous vine in the leguminous family.

White kidney beans are traditional legume crops in Lijiang. They are mainly produced in alpine mountainous areas such as Tai’an, Ludian, Judian, and Liming in the west of Lijiang. Lijiang white kidney beans are of high quality, full of grains, and bright in color. They are a good source of raw materials. Of course, Riotto purchases raw materials here every year. To ensure that our final product reaches the best content.
The main components of white kidney bean extract are alpha-amylase inhibitor and phaseolin, but in theory, these two are one substance, but they are called differently. Phaseolin was the early term. In the 20th century, with the deepening of research, it was further named a-amylase inhibitory protein (a-AI). The biggest difference between the domestically produced phaseolin is the purification progress and content. The content of phaseolin produced by Riotto is basically 20%. The water solubility is very good, and the color is light yellow powder to almost white powder.
White kidney bean pigment has good properties such as light, heat stability, and crystallinity, amylase inhibitor has the effect of lowering blood sugar, trypsin inhibitor and protein inhibit the development of tumor cells; it is often used in biological products of health food raw materials.

White kidney bean extractDoes white kidney bean extract really weight loss?

Why the white kidney bean extract has the function of reducing blood sugar and weight loss is because only the extract that activates the á-amylase inhibitor in the white kidney bean and is separated and protected in the subsequent process has this function. It is a-amylase inhibition that really has the effect of reducing weight and blood sugar, not white kidney bean extract.

Whether the white kidney bean extract has the function of reducing blood sugar and weight loss depends on two indicators. One is the content of protein (active hydrolyzed protein powder), which is similar to the proportion of α-amylase inhibitors; second, α-amylase inhibition Agent activity (α -AI), unit IU/g. Especially the latter is the most critical.

Therefore, the alpha-amylase inhibitors in white kidney bean extracts are widely used in some weight-loss health products to make tableted candies and solid beverages.

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