Psyllium husk powder is also called psyllium. It is a kind of herbal medicine. It can be used to treat constipation and diarrhea. It is rich in colloid (Mucilage, psyllium hydrophile). Contain dietary fiber, up to 80%, and the ratio of soluble dietary fiber to insoluble dietary fiber is as high as 7:3. Other nutrients mainly include glucoside, protein, polysaccharide, vitamin B1, and choline.

The benefits of psyllium husk powder

1. Moisturize the intestines and protect the intestinal health
2. Control weight and enhance satiety
3. Protect cardiovascular health
4. Regulate blood sugar

Riotto’s psyllium husk powder advantages:

1. Complete certificates: CIQ, COA, external inspection
2. Multiple models: 98 shells, 98 powders, 99 shells, 99 powders
3. Good quality: dietary fiber is as high as 90% or more, all indicators are in line with new resource food standards, and water absorption can expand 80 to 90 times

psyllium husk powder
Although it is also a carbohydrate, it is a kind of fibrous carbohydrate “Psyllium fiber”. The fiber content accounts for 80%. The fiber cannot be digested in the human digestive tract, stomach, and small intestine, but only in the large intestine and rectum. digestion.

In addition. Because of its abundant water-soluble fiber, it will swell to form a gel mass dozens of times when exposed to water, which can increase satiety but will not provide calories and reduce calorie intake. Therefore, it is widely used in weight-loss products, such as meal replacement biscuits, meat products, solid beverages, cereal bars, and beverages.

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