Marigold is an annual herb of the genus marigold in the compositae. Originally produced in Mexico, the extractable yellow pigment content is no less than 12 grams per kilogram. This pigment is a pollution-free natural pigment. There are two main ingredients: Lutein and Zeaxanthin, both of which are ingredients that have been scientifically proven to improve eyesight, and are mostly added to health products.
Marigold extract is also widely used in food, feed, medicine and other food and chemical industries. It plays an important role in improving product color and is an indispensable additive in industrial and agricultural production.

Riotto’s main product series are food grade and feed grade:

1. Food grade:

1.1. Lutein series: 5%-70% content;
1.2. Ordinary lutein powder: 5% 10% 20-80% HPLC
1.3, 5-85% UV, (mainly used for tablet pressing)
1.4. Lutein oil suspension: 10%, 15%, 20% HPLC (mainly used for soft capsules and soft sweets)
1.5 Lutein microcapsule powder (CWS): 1%, 5%, 10% HPLC (for water-soluble products, such as solid beverages such as granules, soft drinks such as fruit juices, oral liquids, and cosmetics)
1.6 Lutein microcapsules (TAB): 5%, 10%, 20% HPLC (for tablet or hard capsule products)

2. Feed grade:

2.1. Feed grade lutein powder: 2% 4% UV (mainly used for poultry egg yolk, poultry skin coloring, fish skin, yellow color, added to dry feed)

2.2. Feed grade liquid lutein: 1.5% UV is mainly used for coloring poultry egg yolk and poultry skin, yellow color, added to feed or breeding drinking water)

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