Ginger and turmeric are very common in our lives, but many people don’t know the difference between ginger extract and turmeric extract. Today, this article will give you a brief introduction to the difference between the two.

Curcumin and gingerFirst look from the appearance

The difference in appearance between ginger and turmeric is that ginger is generally pale yellow, and the fruit of turmeric is yellow or orange-yellow.

The color of the extract is also different, ginger extract is light yellow, and turmeric extract is generally orange-yellow crystalline powder.

From the perspective of extracting ingredients

There is a big difference between ginger extract and turmeric extract. The active ingredient of the ginger extract is mainly gingerol.

Turmeric extract is mainly extracted from turmeric, and the main component is curcumin.

From the perspective of application

Gingerol is a solid powdered product of ginger. Used in the fields of food, condiments, daily chemical products, cosmetics, medicine, and health products.

Curcumin is a kind of pigment, mainly used in the field of medicine. It can also be used in cooking and making curry. It is often used in Southeast Asian countries.

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