Quercetin is a flavonoid, a type of plant pigment, which helps form the colors of many fruits and flowers. Containing flavonoids is also one of the reasons why many foods, herbs and spices are beneficial to health. For example, the benefits of berries, dark chocolate, and most herbal extracts (such as ginkgo, grape seed, pine bark, milk thistle, etc.) are believed to be directly related to the flavonoids they contain.

A molecule of rutin extracted from Sophora japonicus is removed from a molecule of rhamnose and glucose to form quercetin, that is, quercetin is the aglycon of rutin. Quercetin is an active flavonoid, which makes it ideal for helping the body cope with increasing challenges.

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The 4 health benefits of quercetin:

1.Quercetin may help protect cells

Quercetin can act like an “open button” and promote some beneficial effects in cells, such as cell repair. At the same time, it also acts as a “close button” to help cells protect themselves from damage or infection.

2.Quercetin may help prevent oxidation

Quercetin may have an anti-oxidation effect, or it can strengthen the body’s enzyme anti-oxidation system, which will help the body during periods of biological stress (immune activation, inflammation, and allergies).

3.Quercetin may help reduce inflammation

Quercetin can control the production and release of inflammatory mediators, which makes the body more difficult to balance inflammation.

4.Quercetin may help improve the body’s ability

Quercetin is believed to have a special effect on the health of the immune system and may help improve the body’s resistance to the respiratory tract. In fact, quercetin has attracted much attention because of its effect on immune function and its ability to increase the level of zinc ions in cells.

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