Olive mainly grows in some hot places. It is a plant with very strong vitality. In order to avoid being eaten by animals, the leaves, bark and immature fruits of olive trees contain a lot of olive bitterness. Oleuropein.

Why this ingredient in olives is called oleuropein is due to its trembling bitterness. When European countries first began to press olive oil, an important step was to remove this “bitter” taste.

Since oleuropein is an “antioxidant” “dissolved in oil”, according to the theory of “water-soluble + oil-soluble” antioxidant combination, this ingredient can especially protect the important “oil-soluble” protein in cells. This “anti-oxidation” ability, acting on the skin, can reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays, fight to age, and reduce dark yellow and roughness.

olive leaf extract
In addition, because the “natural enemies” of olive leaves are not only animals but also many bacteria, fungi, and viruses, oleuropein, an important weapon of the olive tree, has a powerful ability to regulate flora. This kind of flora regulation ability, if used properly, is really effective for many oily skins, especially oily sensitive skins.

Researchers put oleuropein-containing products on the skin and found that it not only regulates the skin surface flora but also has another effect: soothes skin cells.

We all know that once skin cells feel “tension” (perceive danger, such as ultraviolet rays, or harmful bacteria, or other problems), they will send signals to the outside world, such as “interleukins”-and after a large number of signals are generated, the skin is easy “Red hot itching pain.” Oleuropein can effectively reduce this “tension”, thereby reducing the possibility of skin “redness, itching, and pain”.

Not only that, oleuropein also has the ability to enhance the “combat power” of the skin.

In our skin, cells are divided into many types, and one type is dedicated to fighting the invading germs from the outside world. Oleuropein can increase the combat effectiveness of these cells. With oleuropein, the skin’s “own resistance” is stronger, and it is not afraid of harmful microorganisms from the outside world.

Therefore, the olive leaf extract is added to many skincare formulas. One of Riotto’s main products is oleuropein. If you are looking for or need to know the specifications and performance of the product, you can contact us [email protected] at any time. We will get back to you as soon as possible.