Nowadays, there are countless plant extracts added to skincare products. The topic today is going to discuss olive leaf extract.

Why use olive extracts in skincare?

This is due to Westerners’ love of olives. It has been proven that olive leaf extracts are safe and are not only widely used as traditional medicines in Greece, Spain, France, and other European countries. It will also be taken in the form of a supplement or as a tea. In Egypt, people have used it for hundreds or even thousands of years.

They studied olive oil and the whole olive plant and found that some of its ingredients are also good for the skin, and they are slowly applied to skincare products.

olive leaf extract

Generally speaking, olive extracts used in skincare products generally have these two components: oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol.

1. Oleuropein: It is mainly used for anti-inflammatory and soothing, mainly used in some skincare creams; as a natural plant flavonoid, oleuropein naturally has some antioxidant capacity, but more often it will be used as In terms of anti-inflammatory ingredients, it is better to choose products that contain its ingredients for seasonal skin sensitivity and acid irritation.

2. Hydroxytyrosol: It has good light protection and anti-oxidation effect, mainly whitening and anti-oxidation. In terms of anti-oxidation, according to the test of some manufacturers, it is roughly the same as vitamin C and higher than coenzyme Q10. The efficiency should be very strong. Compared with vitamin C, it has been used as a reference in various in vitro experiments. Little will be defeated. Since the stability of hydroxytyrosol is better than that of vitamin C, its sustained anti-oxidation effect is better than that of vitamin C in this respect.
In summary, the main effective component of olive leaf extract is oleuropein, which has anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effects. It can be used for moisturizing and repairing during the recovery period of certain skin problems, sensitive skin, or daily maintenance. You can also consider using it.

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