White kidney bean,  because of the variety of flowers and colors. It belongs to the legume family, butterfly flower subfamily, legume family, the white kidney bean is originally produced in Mexico and Argentina, after the artificial cultivation and domestication have been adapted to the cold and wet plateau area. It is a common edible bean in the world, in China’s provinces and regions are planted. White kidney bean is not only rich in nutrition, but also has high medicinal and health value. It is a traditional food with the same origin as medicine and food in China.

Weight loss white kidney bean extract phaseolin powder manufacturer

Why white kidney bean extract lose weight?

The main ingredient of white kidney bean extract is “alpha-amylase inhibitor”, which is a natural starch blocker. This is a well-known “anti-sugar” substance, and its action is independent of insulin, and it is very safe. It is a serious class of anti-sugar drugs. These drugs belong to the “α-glycosidase inhibitor class” (which includes many subdivisions of enzymes: maltase, isomaltase, sucrase, glucoamylase, etc.).

The α-amylase inhibitor can be effectively combined with the diet treatment of dieters, so that they eat full meals, eliminate hunger, and do not have high blood sugar after meals, weight gain. It can effectively block the decomposition of starch in high-starch food (rice, pasta, grains, and related snacks and cakes), block the intake of most starch calories, and reduce the largest source of fat in the human body. And α-amylase inhibitors through the gastrointestinal tract out of the body, do not have to go through the blood circulation, do not act on the brain nerve center, after eating not diarrhea, not fatigue, not anorexia, weight does not rebound, completely in line with the World Health Organization’s principle of weight loss.

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